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屈辱 M-0020 1280×780 59min.







病院探索★The hospital exploration M-0018 1280×780 37min. 階段-Stairs M-0019 1280×780 52min



maggy explores a Japanese big general hospital with the person who wants to experience a plaster cast. 



Suburban Jokoji Station of Nagoya.There was the urban legend "that young women injured well" on the long stairs at the station.This is a story of sisters hurt on stairs.


(Injury, hospital, shopping, life at the home) 


 亜蘭2★ALAN2-LAC M-0017 852×480 16:9 55min. ママのギプス☆Mom of the cast M-0016 51min




Photography of ALAN again.ALAN injures an arm.Her ankle which is not yet cured is very unstable.(LAC,Bandage of the ankle,Fall on stairs,She complains of pain intensely.etc) 





One day Megumi has broken a bone. Because she was hurt, she became the inconvenient daily life. (Injury, hospital, shopping, her life at the home) English subtitles



Wednesday M-0014 50min  亜蘭★ALAN M-0015 52min


Maya who broke both legs and a pelvis in a traffic accident three months ago is still visiting a hospital for treatment.
She went to the hospital on every Wednesday. Maya was helped at a hospital by a young man called Satoshi.
(SLC, walk on a crutchese, wheelchair, Scar of a true bone fracture, changes her clothes.)




maggy met Alan of the model at a parking lot. maggy of the photographer begins photography. Alan sprains it, but must wear high-heeled shoes..
I put English subtitling on the ALAN.(by maggy)


SWAN~ナオミの自爆 M-0012 33min SWAN~小夜子の自爆 M-0013 53min


The story in the Naomi viewpoint of "SWAN - SAYOKO" uploaded at the same time
Naomi met Maeda in a cast fetishism site.And Naomi depended on him when "I wanted my foot to fracture"
(LLC,walk a fractured foot,shopping with a cast and high-heeled shoes,walk on a crutchese,wheelchair)




Sayoko met Naomi who like cast on the Internet.
And Sayoko entreated a Mr. Maeda "to let a foot fracture". As for Naomi, LLC, Sayoko become SLC.



Slave(1) M-0011 53min Slave(2) M-0011 49min


It was made advances to the man who got drunk, and Miyuki was troubled.Mako was helps Miyuki accidentally.
His name is Makoto, popular name Mako. He is a former doctor, but runs the bar now.Miyuki becomes SLC by a severe sprain.
Furthermore, her other foot becomes the LLC by a traffic accident.This video follows "the latter part" in "the first part".




This is the latter half. One day, Miyuki was run over by a car of Mako, and Miyuki injured for a cast since a foot.
Though it was a severe injury, Miyuki was treated with Mako without going to a hospital.
Miyuki becomes LLC and SLC.A robber enters the shop, and Mako is stabbed with a knife.
What happens to Miyuki and Mako?


Sara LAC M-009 49min Amnesia M-010 54min


Sara fell down by bicycle and has broken a bone.A description of arm plaster cast experience of Sarah that spelled shopping,
going to hospital, sightseeing, a meal, the PC work in the room and the everyday life with an inconvenient cast including change of clothes
... in a diary form.




Yurie was memory loss.Yurie is sometimes troubled by a nightmare.
Sara who became a nurse under contract to Yurie is looking for the younger sister who disappeared.
Sara goes to the mountain with Yurie while following vague memory of Yurie.
(SLC,Loss of the little finger,sprain,Bandage of the ankle,Crutches, wheelchair・・・)


Feel M-007 51min Hurt M-008 51min


Akane likes painful senses very much.Akane is hurt on purpose.Akane enjoyed a pain,
and Akane went to the hospital. And Akane met Kei. Akane and Kei began cohabitation.
However, Kei becomes SLC in a traffic accident.Akane and the Kei live in the casts of SLC with a crutch together.



One day Konatsu received an unidentified package.It was the perfume which sulfuric acid was mixed with.
The sulfuric acid was worn in a face and a hand of Kyoko of the close friend of Konatsu unluckily.
Angry Kyoko retaliates for Konatsu intensely.At first Kyoko pushed Konatsu over stairs...


Last Song M-005 52min Sara Right Leg M-006 53min


Ryo of the lover of Jun was murdered.Jun was attacked by a ruffian and, after death of Ryo, broke a bone.
Violent men annoy Jun.Jun was thrown out of the hospitalized hospital.And Jun is abducted in a graveyard and is imprisoned.
Why did he die? What is the message left for Jun?(LLC, a crutch, a wheelchair, abduction and imprisonment) 






Sarah fell from the chair during cleaning and has done a severe sprain.
Sara who endured an intense pain became hard to walk before long and went to the hospital.
(splint fixation, bandage by the sprain, SLC, crutches, wheelchair, supportive device.)



Juli M-003 48min Rose M-004 54min


As for Juli, it was confided to Hiromichi of the boyfriend, "I was cast fetishism".Hiromichi broke a foot of Juli.
Hiromichi of the photographer is pleased with SLC of Juli.However, one day Juri witnessed it when Hiromichi met a woman of LAC secretly.
Juli jumped out in a road to obtain a bigger cast.(SLC, break a bone with a hammer,date in crutches, Asakusa,Hips Spica) 





Rose who fell down stairs on the way to a company was helped by Ichiro.The diagnosis of the foot of Rose was an Achilles' tendon tear.
Rose is gradually attracted by Ichiro.One day Rose sprains the right foot in a house of Ichiro.
(LLC,to walk on crutches,Tip-up wheelchair,Treatment of the sprain,She wears high-heeled shoes with the foot which she sprained.)


Kouya M-001 52min Best Friend M-002 49min


Kouya who was just disappointed in love is LLC.One day Kouya falls down on stairs. Suzu helped Kouya accidentally.
Suzu is a younger student of Kouya. Suzu cheers up Kouya. They came to love each other.
(LLC,walk on a crutches,Wheelchair at the hospital, touch the cast,Cervical collar,play with a bandage)


The first video of the maggy work. 





Because Aoi telephoned the home of Mikako, this story begins.It was Mr. Yamashita of the class teacher of the school to have answered the telephone.
Aoi liked him.He questioned the reason that was in the house closely to Mikako, but Mikako kept silence. Aoi abuses Mikako out of intense jealousy.
(SLC,hide a crutches,walk with the foot of the sprain,paint a cast,cut the cast,Girl to complain of pain of very much)