MVP(Maggy Video Photograph)

MVP(Maggy Video Photograph)

屈辱ーan intolerable humiliation


I completed a video some time ago.
I fill in subtitles now.
As for you, which do an English version and the Chinese version want?


1 920*1 080 2giga 4, 700 yen
1 280*720 1giga 4, 500 yen


I can sell it to you today or tomorrow.


2017.3.9 maggy




Sending you lots of smiles from across the miles to with you a Happy new year.


I hope you have a splendid New Year.
I’m grateful for all your help last year!
I wish you a year full of love, joy and good luck!
I want to make many video works this year.



maggy 2017/1/1





Thank you for visiting my homepage!


There is something that I want to tell you.
I will go on a business trip from October 12th until the 18th.
When you want to do shopping in pay pal, please order it after October 19.
I cannot do the chat of Facebook during this period, too.
I am sorry for the inconvenience but I would appreciate your cooperation.






Fund raising turns worse every time, but I try the video shoot hard.
Please support my video shoot.
I look for a model alone at the present and I attach a plaster cast to the model and photograph it
.I do the editing of the video.
Both the clothes by the photography and the shoes almost use mine.
Please support me so that my activity continues.





2016/10/10    maggy


※At first, please reload this page.



I am sorry for the late update.
Editing of "ALAN2-LAC" was finished!




LAC is Maine, but can enjoy the scene of the sprain of the ankle, too.
When you have an e-mail address of Google, you can receive 1,920×1,080, data of 1.95GB.
From these three size, you can choose the favorite size.
Because I was finished very neatly, I think that I want you to watch it by all means.



・720×480 827 MB
・852×480 16:9 927 MB
・1920×1080 16:9 1.95 GB


Please click "YouTube".



Thank you for your cooperation.(^▽^)/



2016/8/11    maggy
Hi, how are you, everyone?
I am a little tired.Summer in Japan is very humid.
I updated an order page today.



Please e-mail me the PayPal wanting payment than an order form of the lower part.
By the way, do you have ID of Google?


MVP(Maggy Video Photograph)



You can share an animation and an image with me in this page.
The size that I can hand to you in a downloading form is usually within 1 G.
But I can upload a file of the size within 15G when I use Google.
Therefore, I can offer a big file to you.
Please tell me the e-mail address enrolled in Google if you expect the downloading of the big file.
But it is only a video having a button of "NEW" to have it.(NEW of the orange)
About the old data, the big file does not exist.


I lack an expense to video and photograph.
I want you to support me to continue carrying out a future activity.
I hope we'll still have a good relationship after this.



July 21, 2016   maggy
I am sorry for the late update.
At first today's news is this.


I began Twitter!


YouTube is this.


I have deleted the setting of the URL of ALAN by mistake last night.
Please, please do channel registration.


By the way, the movie is very favorable.
I think that I can report the completion of a new movie to you immediately.
Well, did you watch "ALAN?"
I added English subtitles to this movie.
English is poor and is very ashamed, but I think when you can understand a conversation
and the story of the model and might enjoy it.


I want to send "Mom of the cast" to you on the next time...



Alright then, later.




May 19, 2016               maggy  


MVP(Maggy Video Photograph)


Thank you for coming to my website




Hi!I am maggy.
I was able to finally make a website.
I produce a photograph and the video using a plaster cast and the bandage in Japan.
The video thinks about a story by oneself.
And I bind a model with a cast.
I bind the foot of the model or an arm with a plaster.
Please appreciate a picture and the image of the plaster cast which I made


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